Dear all,

Below is a call for papers for the University of Southampton's Seminar
series on "The Transforming Body in popular culture".

In 2007 Southampton University will be hosting a series of seminars
considering the unique position of the transforming body within popular
culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This series will
provide a forum at which these sensational spectacles and cultural
artefacts can be addressed in the context of a reassessment of established
theories of the body, providing new ways of framing and understanding body
culture. Possible areas of interest might include:

•	Make-over narratives and ‘cinderella stories’
•	Gender and transgender
•	The transforming celebrity body
•	Medical/surgical narratives
•	The hybrid or obscene body
•	Body art, performance art and fetish culture
•	Monstrosity, plasticity and body horror
•	The body as sick/damaged or whole/perfected

The full CfP, and details of abstract applications, dates, travel and
expenses are attached.

Thanks for your consideration,

Dan Varndell

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