I am wondering how one sees most of the films discussed in Bruce Murray's book.  Up to the point I have read, he states only three films he discusses as being lost (Kladd and Datch; Miracle of Love, Tragedy of the Children).  Does one have to go to Germany?  Even doesn't have most of them.

Fridericus Rex (1922)
Der Alte Fritz/Old Fritz (1928)
Die Verrufenen/The Notorious(1925)
Die Schmiede/The Forge (1924)
Freies Volk/Liberated People (1925)
Im Anfang das Wort /In the Beginning Was the Word (1928)
Freie Fahrt/Full Speed Ahead (1928)
Überflüssige Menschen/Superfluous People (1926)
Eins + Eins = Drei/One + One = Three (1927)
Schinderhannes (1928)
Falschmünzer/Counterfeiters (1928)
Der Hauptmann von Köpenick/The Captain of Köpenick (1931)
Niemandsland/No Man's Land (1931)
Die Drei von der Tankstelle/The Three from the Gas Station (1930)
Kuhle Wampe oder: Wem gehört die Welt? (1932) 

Aside from the well-knowns, most of which I've seen, it seems the only ones that are (were) available in this country on video were Kameradschaft, Mädchen in Uniform, and Asphalt.


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