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>The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum
>Location:  University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK,
>Dates:  July 16-19, 2007
>This conference the fourth Transnational Forum aims to continue the work 
>of Sussex 2001, Madison, Wisconsin 2003 and Melbourne 2005 to bring 
>together scholars, practitioners, and students of radio to share ideas and 
>perspectives on radios cultural role in an increasingly global media 
>context. We also hope to build on developments in European radio research 
>stimulated by the International Radio Research Network (IREN).  We welcome 
>proposals and abstracts for papers, panels, and symposia on all aspects of 
>radio historical, cultural, critical, and institutional including but not 
>limited to the range of topics below:
>Ten years of the Radio Studies Network
>    * tools for radio research networking
>    * establishing international standards for practice-based research
>    * maximizing potential for trans-national research collaborations
>    * developing radio theory
>    * radio studies in regions of the world
>Linking Worlds: local, national and the global
>    * trends in community radio practices
>    * the future of local radio
>    * national radio in a global age
>    * radio and civic society
>    * comparative studies
>    * linking community stations
>Radio, culture and education
>    * university and college radio practices
>    * teaching radio: pedagogies & praxis
>    * experimental radio and "sound art"
>    * radio education and entertainment
>    * radio archives
>    * radio and development
>    * radio and conflict resolution
>    * associative and participatory radio
>    * 'radio language'
>    * radio and language communities
>Casting nets: new distribution technologies
>    * Technology or content?
>    * on-demand content, advertorial, interactive radio
>    * public broadcasting online
>    * radio and podcasting
>    * narrowcasting
>    * music radio and automation
>Radio, political economy and policy
>    * consolidation of ownership
>    * transnational regulation and radio
>    * radio professionalism
>    * networks, groups and brands
>    * new forms of radio commodification
>You may submit proposals for individual papers, pre-constituted panels, or 
>symposia. Papers should be in English please. See our website at 
><> for 
>information and instructions on how to submit your proposal. Information 
>about keynote speakers, accommodation, travel, helpful links, and the 
>conference schedule will be posted when available.
>Submission deadlines
>Abstracts deadline Wednesday 31 January 2007 for a Friday 30 March 2007 
>The conference is jointly sponsored by the University of Lincoln and the 
>UK Radio Studies Network.
>The proposals will be peer reviewed by a conference planning committee 
>consisting of:
>Debbie Wilson (University of Lincoln)
>Eryl Price-Davies (Thames Valley University)
>Gail Phillips (Murdoch University)
>Carol Fleming (Nottingham Trent University)
>John Tebbutt (La Trobe University)
>Salvatore Scifo (University of Westminster)
>Winston Mano (University of Westminster)
>Michele Hilmes (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
>Janey Gordon (University of Bedfordshire)
>Kate Coyer (Goldsmiths College, University of Lincoln)
>Rosemary Day (University of Limerick)
>Stanislaw Jedrzejewski (Catholic University of Lublin)
>Angeliki Gazi, (University of Athens)
>Enrico Menduni (University of Rome 3)
>Jean-Jacques Cheval (University of Bordeaux)
>Manuel Chaparro Escudero (EMA-RTV)
>Jaspal Singh (Asian Media and Information Centre, Singapore)
>Stephen Lax (University of Leeds)
>Peter Lewis (London School of Economics)
>Joint chair: Bryan Rudd (University of Lincoln) and Tim Wall (University 
>of Central England)
>Contact: Bryan Rudd (<mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]) for 
>more information.
>Bryan Peter Rudd
>Snr. Lecturer in Media Production (radio)
>Department of Media Production
>Faculty of Media & Humanities
>University of Lincoln
>Brayford Pool
>LN6 7TS
>01522 886270
><mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]

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