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The first biography of this pioneering Hollywood maverick and bon vivant.

Susan Delson
University of Minnesota Press | 272 pages | 2006
ISBN 0-8166-4654-6 | hardcover | $27.95

Dudley Murphy (1897-1968) was one of early Hollywood's most intriguing
figures. Active from the 1920s through the 1940s, Murphy was one of the
industry's first independents and a guiding intelligence behind some of the
key films in early twentieth-century cinema. In the first full-length
biography of Murphy, Susan Delson gives full rein to an American original
whose life was as audacious as his films.

³Dudley Murphy doesn't bear a household name like John Ford or King Vidor,
but, as chronicled by Delson, his ambitious career out-barnstormed them
all‹even if it often only sputtered in the public eye. The author displays a
scholarly grasp of the facts, but also the fluid, resonant prose to animate
them. A balanced portrait of a man and a panorama of his times, told with
exceptional grace.² ‹Kirkus Reviews

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