Call for Papers: Remakes

Given how various cinemas have become increasingly reliant on existing (and 
theoretically more surefire) properties, it seems timely to take remakes 
into deeper consideration. Remakes have risen in importance in a time when 
fewer original screenplays can command big budgets (if indeed we can even 
bandy about the concept of originality in the wake of postmodernity). But 
as the number of remakes has exploded, so have meditations on what this 
development can tell us about the current cultural climate. The editors of 
The Velvet Light Trap #61 thus seek contributions that nuance previous 
arguments about remakes. We are also interested in a multitude of aspects 
informing remakes and have defined the term broadly. Possible subjects 
include but are not limited to:

Self-reflexivity and intertextuality
Cross-cultural remakes
Modes of productions for remakes
Remake cycles
Sequels and sequelitis
Critical and/or commercial failures
Abandoned/delayed projects
Stages of adaptation (screenplay drafts; the director's interpretation; the 
cutting room floor; etc.)
Film literacy and the cultural competence of audiences

To be considered for publication, papers should be between 4,500 and 7,500 
words, double-spaced, in MLA style, with the author's name and contact 
information included only on the cover page. Queries regarding potential 
submissions also are welcome. Authors are responsible for acquiring related 
visual images and the associated copyrights. For more information or to 
submit a query, please contact Kevin John Bozelka ([log in to unmask]). All 
submissions are due January 15, 2007.

The Velvet Light Trap is an academic, refereed journal of film and 
television studies published semi-annually by University of Texas Press.
Issues are coordinated alternately by graduate students at the University 
of Texas-Austin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
After a prescreening, articles are anonymously refereed by specialist 
readers of the journal's Editorial Advisory Board, which includes such 
notable scholars as Charles Acland, David William Foster, Sean Griffin, 
Bambi Haggins, Heather Hendershot, Charlie Keil, Dan Marcus, Nina Martin, 
Joe McElhaney, Walter Metz, Jason Mittell, James Morrison, Steve Neale, 
Karla Oeler, Lisa Parks, and Malcolm Turvey.

Please address submissions to:
The Velvet Light Trap
c/o The Department of Radio-Television-Film
University of Texas at Austin
CMA 6.118, Mail Code A0800

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