Dear Colleagues,

Any help off-list to me at <[log in to unmask]> would be greatly 
appreciated.   Thanks, Janet Staiger

I'm working on a presentation on how to analyze film and television 
production meetings from a critical (rather than structural/functionalist) 
perspective.   I would like to find a scene in a movie of a typical (if 
classically exaggerated since it IS a movie) film or TV production meeting 
to use for analysis.

I've watched "Network" which has one production planning scene in it, but 
it is very routine--no real discussion of production options.  "The Player" 
has nice scenes of screenplay pitches, but they are all just that--pitches 
of movie plots.  "Adaptation" is good about the writer's dilemma, but no 
scenes of multiple investments in the outcome.   "Good Night and Good Luck" 
is good on whole process, but I need a scene of about 3-5 minutes.

Any ideas?  Again, I appreciate your help off-list.   Thanks.

Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite