After another protracted enforced absence from the Web, for about a 
month, due to 'technical' (i.e., computer-induced) problems, my 
"Editor's Day" musings on Hitchcock recently returned .  I invite 
interested SCREEN-L members to visit them 
(  A couple of the 
items discuss VERTIGO.  Others are about Tallulah Bankhead and the 
Bright Young Things of 1920s England, LIFEBOAT, composer Bernard 
Herrmann, TORN CURTAIN, Italian 'giallo' films, and FRENZY.  Guest 
"Editor's Day" contributors recently have been author Gary Giblin 
('Hitchcock's London') and director Richard Franklin (PSYCHO II).

The News section on the same page is regularly updated ('tecnical' 
problems permitting!).  There's currently a call for papers on Hitchcock 
and Fellini.

Thanks - Ken Mogg (Ed., 'The MacGuffin') 

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