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A timely and critical understanding of transnational culture.

ALIENHOOD: Citizenship, Exile, and the Logic of Difference
Katarzyna Marciniak
University of Minnesota Press | 272 pages | 2006
ISBN 0-8166-4576-0 | hardcover | $67.50
ISBN 0-8166-4577-9 | paperback | $22.50

Interrogating the dominant images of aliens in American popular culture,
Katarzyna Marciniak examines ³alienhood² and the impact it has on the daily
experiences of migrants, legal or illegal. Using examples from exilic
literature and cinema, including the works of Julia Alvarez, Eva Hoffman,
Gregory Nava, and Roman Polanski, Alienhood theorizes multicultural
experiences of liminal characters that belong in the interstices between

³Katarzyna Marciniak effectively combines telling examples from popular
culture and a sophisticated theoretical framework to explain the
representation and history of 'foreignness' in the U.S. imagination.²
‹Julia Lesage

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