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An exploration of race, Hollywood, and the commodification of the body.

INCORPORATIONS: Race, Nation, and the Body Politics of Capital
Eva Cherniavsky
University of Minnesota Press | 224 pages | 2006
ISBN 0-8166-4604-X | hardcover | $58.50
ISBN 0-8166-4605-8 | paperback | $19.50

Incorporations offers a new way of thinking about issues of race, bodies,
and commodity culture. Testing the links between race and capital,
Incorporations examines how media culture transmutes white bodies into
commodity‹images in such films as Blonde Venus, A Touch of Evil, and Fargo,
in the television series The Simpsons, and in the fiction of Octavia Butler
and Leslie Marmon Silko. Moving beyond the study of identity and difference
in media, Eva Cherniavsky asserts that race can be understood as a sign of
the body's relation to capital. Cherniavsky demonstrates how representations
of racial embodiment have evolved, and suggests that ³race² is the condition
of exchangeable bodies under capital.

³A first-rate study that advances discussions of race in materialist and
theoretically subtle directions.² ‹Eric Lott

For more information, including the table of contents, visit the book¹s

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