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Hi, all.  My solicitation for book reviewers for the _Journal of Popular
Film and Television_ has greatly exceeded my expectations.  More than 140
people from around the globe have contacted me, and the inquiries are
still coming in!  Since each book I listed has been requested by several
people (dozens of people, in some cases), I must close my "call" for now.
If you have not heard from me individually yet, please know that I will be
in touch in the next week or so with an answer to your request.  Lots of
decisions for me to make!

Though I obviously cannot accommodate everyone's request for a book to
review at this time, I must say I am quite gratified by the strong
response.  It definitely says something about the robust state of
scholarly film/TV studies and people's willingness to do critical work for
very little glory.  My thanks to everyone who responded!

all best,
Marty Norden
Book review editor, _Journal of Popular Film and Television_
          Martin F. Norden
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