Call for Papers 
2006 Film and History League Conference  
"The Documentary Tradition"     
AREA: Michael Moore     
Attention to Michael Moore's status as a controversial celebrity
political activist has  eclipsed consideration of him as a leading
documentary film director.  We are  seeking submissions which examine
Moore's relationship to various documentary  styles or sub-genres, e.g.
cinema verite, compilation film, mockumentary, firstperson documentary,
essay film,  etc.  Submissions which focus on his ethical practice,
within the always contested norms of documentary filmmaking, are also 
Deadline for submission is July 25, 2006.     
The Film and History League conference details can be found at  

The meeting will run from 8-12 November, 2006 in the  Dolce Conference
Center near the DFW airport.  A spectrum of other areas will  evolve on
the web site over time.     

Send all inquires and proposals to      
Dr. Jeffrey Chown  
Department of Communication  
Northern Illinois University  
DeKalb, IL  60115  
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