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A vivid examination of nature television‹and what it reveals about human

Cynthia Chris
University of Minnesota Press | 320 pages | 2006
ISBN 0-8166-4546-9 | hardcover | $60.00
ISBN 0-8166-4547-7 | paperback | $19.95

Watching Wildlife traces the history of the wildlife genre from
precinematic, colonial visual culture to its contemporary status as flagship
programming on global television. Cynthia Chris's analysis of shows such as
Crocodile Hunter and film and television history like the launch of Animal
Planet, points out how documentary images of animals present prevailing
ideologies about human gender, sexuality, and race.

³In this rich, fascinating account of why wildlife films should be
understood as human cultural artifacts, Cynthia Chris demonstrates how
ideologies of race, gender, and sexuality have found comfortable
surroundings in the feigned objectivity of the nature film.² ‹Nigel Rothfels

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