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Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal will provide the first cohesive international refereed publishing platform for animation that unites contributions from a wide range of research agendas and creative practice.

The journal's scope is very comprehensive, yet its focus is clear and simple. The journal addresses all animation made using all known (and yet to be developed) techniques - from 16th century optical devices to contemporary digital media - revealing its implications on other forms of time-based media expression past, present and future.

Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal will be essential and stimulating reading for academics, researchers, students, curators and practitioners in animation, film and media studies, cultural studies, critical theory, architecture, art & design, computer sciences, games studies and visual culture.

The first two issues will include:
	*	Comics and the critique of chronophotography, or "He never knew when it was coming!" Scott Bukatman 
	*	The Cathedral is alive: animating biomimetic architecture Dennis Dollens 
	*	A critique for the new historical landscape of South Korean animation Joon-Yang Kim 
	*	Platonic sex: perversion and sh˘jo anime (part 1) Thomas Lamarre 
	*	Image future Lev Manovich 
	*	Ub Iwerks' (multi)plain cinema J.P. Telotte 
	*	Re-animating space Aylish Wood 
	*	All aboard The Polar Express: A 'playful' change of address in the computer-generated blockbuster Jessica Aldred 
	*	From shadow citizens to teflon stars: reception of the transfiguring effects of new image technologies Lisa Bode 
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