Call for Papers and Sessions
November 8-12, 2006

Area CFP:  Mockumentaries

In an entertainment era overwhelmed by “reality” shows, the parody and 
satire of the mockumentary, or “fictional documentary,” take on even 
greater appeal.  From the BBC’s 1957 April Fool’s broadcast of 
Panorama’s  “Swiss Spaghetti Harvest” to the genre’s latest addition, To 
Kill a Mockumentary (2006), mockumentaries have critiqued, lampooned, and 
had a good, hard laugh at everything from the taken-for-granteds of 
everyday life to our most cherished cultural icons. This call for papers 
seeks submissions of work from a wide range of orientations, exploring the 
contexts, uses, and impacts of this fictional documentary tradition that 
traces its roots back to the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.

Possible topics for consideration include, but are not limited to:

·        *  The works of particular mockumentary filmmakers, or the role of 
the mockumentary in a filmmaker’s career,
             such as Rob Reiner (This is Spinal Tap), Christopher Guest 
(Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty
             Wind), Woody Allen (Husbands and Wives, Zelig, Sweet and Lowdow).

          *  In-depth analysis of particular films (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bob 
Roberts, The Rutles, The Blair Witch Project,
            Children of the Revolution, The Proverb, etc.).

          *  An analysis of the use of various techniques and strategies 
across the genre, including the blending of actual
             documentary with fictitious footage (First People on the Moon, 
2005; Fandom: A True Film, 2004). a cultural
             analysis of the mockumentaries arising from a particular 
historical moment.

The Film & History League will be holding its biannual conference on "The 
Documentary Tradition" during November 8-12, 2006, near Dallas, TX.  Full 
details on the location, featured speakers, registration procedures, and 
additional area topics can be found on the web site at Proposals for either individual papers or complete 
panels (3-4 papers) are welcomed, and submissions may be made in either 
electronic (no attachments, please) or hard copy format.  Please send panel 
proposals and/or 300-word paper abstracts no later than July 30, 2006, to:

Chair for Mockumentary Area

Prof. Cynthia Miller
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Emerson College
120 Boylston St., Rm. 515
Boston, MA  02116
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