For Lou Ann Thompson:

The films of Zhang Yimou are all very good representations of women in parts 
of Chinese
culture. In particular, consider Raise the Red Lantern, The Road Home, or Not 
One Less,
for examples.   You could do worse than to use several of his films in your 
first course.
The films are very "teachable," in my experience with them.

Gary Harmon
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

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> I'm looking at developing a course (undergrad) on women in Asian film (and 
> I might throw in Middle Eastern as well).  This would be a completely new 
> area to me, so I'd appreciate any suggestions for films and books.  I would 
> definitely include Born in Brothels and a good Bollywood movie, probably Monsoon 
> Wedding, and maybe a more traditional Bollywood as a baseline. 
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