On another list, in the context of a discussion of Walt Disney's alleged anti 
semitism and racism, one correspondent who said she knew a great deal of the 
Disney operation in the forties and fifties said that Disney employed many 
Jewish executives and creators, hired african americans at a time when this 
certainly wasn't fashionable, and also employed women liberally. 

Now my understanding was that Disney studios did employ Jews -- lots of us 
always being around Hollywood   cant say about people of color  but women who 
were used as a sort of slave resource  poorly paid  in assembly line production 
of cells  but who weren't allowed to rise higher than this into the better 
ranks of animators

Any real info on any of this  my knowledge  and perhaps this is an urban 
legend  was that Disney himself was at least a country club anti-semite in his 
personal life, however many Jewish employees he had 

All info greatly appreciated   thanks  Harvey Roy Greenberg MD

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