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Explores the ³avisual² and its effect on the visual world.

Akira Mizuta Lippit
University of Minnesota Press | 248 pages | 2005
ISBN 0-8166-4610-4 | hardcover | $59.95
ISBN 0-8166-4611-2 | paperback | $19.95

Dreams, x-rays, atomic radiation, and ³invisible men² are phenomena that are
visual in nature but unseen. Atomic Light (Shadow Optics) reveals these
hidden interiors of cultural life. Akira Mizuta Lippit produces readings of
secret and shadow archives and visual structures or phenomenologies of the
inside, charting the materiality of what can and cannot be seen in the
radioactive light of the twentieth century.

³Akira Mizuta Lippit brilliantly weaves together writings of Freud,
foundational work on x-rays, and postwar Japanese and French films to
articulate an atomic optics of invisibility and show the emergence of a
historical optics of avisuality.² ‹Lisa Cartwright

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