Hi, Tim (and other SCREEN-Lers).  I visited Ohlinger's about a month and a
half ago and found them to be quite helpful.  I called ahead to get a
sense of the costs, and they quoted me $10 per 8X10 glossy still, whether
color or B&W.  This is indeed what they ended up charging me, and they
worked with me for almost three hours without any hint that I had worn out
my welcome.  It's an unusual place, to be sure, but I for one had no
difficulties with them.

BTW, they moved to a new location about a year and a half ago.  They are
now at 253 W. 35th St. in Manhattan, not far from the Empire State Bldg.
Their website at <> is pretty worthless, at least the
last time I checked, so if you have specific films in mind, it's best to
call them at (212) 989-0869 or e-mail them at <[log in to unmask]> to see if
they have what you want.

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On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Timothy Shary wrote:

> Markus,
>    A stills shop that is often mentioned in NYC is Jerry Ohlinger's on 14th St. (or is it 14th Ave.?), but I would warn you strongly to avoid them.  I went there once for stills for a book, after calling them to confirm the price as $5 per still, and once I was there in person, Mr. Ohlinger himself suddenly decided that I had to pay an additional $50 per still as a "provision fee".  I consulted two lawyers and my publisher and soon found that what he was doing was illegal; after all, he does not own the copyright on any of the images he sells.  What a scam!
>    Rather, I strongly encourage you to seek out stills through sellers on the Internet.  You will likely find more variety and lower prices that way, and you can avoid scoundrels like Ohlinger.  By the way, has anyone else had problems with them?
> Tim Shary
> Clark University

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