For gender and melodrama in '50s cinema, Jackie Byars' All That 
Hollywood Allows is a reasonable start.  The really interesting 
question to me, though, is only secondarily about the 1950s.  How and 
why has Julianne Moore become central to these nostalgic reflections 
on containment and nascent feminism?


At 06:45 AM 10/25/2005, you wrote:
>This may be all too obvious, but Betty Friedan's THE FEMININE 
>MYSTIQUE might be a starting point.  Not about film, but the work 
>that defined the "problem that has no name."  Otherwise, check 
>standard references such  as the FILM LITERATURE INDEX, MLA Bibliography, etc.
>Don Larsson
>I'm planning to teach an extended unit on films such as The 
>Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio, The Hours, and Far From Heaven.  Does 
>anyone have recommendations for articles or books that would be good 
>companions for the study of gender and film in the 1950s (and 
>somewhat specific to these films)?
>Christina Lane

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