Dear colleagues:

Once upon a time, a Danish actor named TORBEN MEYER (1884-1975) 
came to Hollywood and wound up playing a huge number of small 
supporting roles,  most memorably perhaps in 10 of Preston Sturges's 
comedies of the 1940s.   Sometimes cast as a stolid, even stupid 
Teutonic type, Meyer may have inherited Karl Dane's mantle for that 
sort of role.  Torben Meyer had begun his film career in Denmark, 
acting appx. 22 roles in Danish films, 1912-1926, followed by appx. 
159 supporting roles in US films, 1928-1963.  (Stats extrapolated from 

MY QUESTION.  I think I  noticed Meyer briefly in Michael Curtiz's 
"Noah's Ark" (1928; the "modern story"), although he was not credited.  

"US.IMDB.COM" indicates that Torben Meyer was already in Hollywood 
by 1928, and acted at least 5 film roles in 1928-29 (Universal Studio 
3, Columbia 1, MGM 1). But Meyer is not credited in any Warners  
productions in those first 2 years ('28-'29), so my possible 
identification of Meyer in Warners' "Noah" can't be considered as 
proven.  I might be wrong.

Any Sturges-ologists out there -- or anyone knowledgeable 
about Danish film professionals in the US -- who could confirm 
(or deny) that Torben Meyer worked for Warners that early, and 
did indeed act in "Noah's Ark" ('28)?

Steven P Hill,
University of Illinois.

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