As you saw Michigan's got one. We started it for a number of reasons. 
It formalized study for all the PhD students out there that were doing 
dissertations on film with little to no training. It enabled us to 
offer graduate seminars even though we were a program. It raised the 
quality of our graduate assistants in undergrad classes, thanks to the 
training they were getting in the seminars. And it was a first step 
toward becoming a department (last month we became the Department of 
Screen Arts and Cultures) and a PhD (looks like we'll admit our first 
students next year).

Even with the new PhD degree, we will continue to offer the 
certificate. There are plenty of students out there with subfields in 
cinema/tv/digital media and the certificate serves them well. In a 
substantial sense, it gives them formal training; in a more 
superficial---but still important---way, it gives them something to put 
on the CV.


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