There's not much to see at the BFI (in Stephen Street) beyond the reading
room (standard holdings really - books, journals, etc).  A visit to a
screening at the National Film Theatre on the South Bank might be more fun
for the students - they do excellent film series - check out closer to the time for details.

There's a museum of photography, film and television in Bradford

If you're looking for tours of production facilities - the BBC does tours
and you might be able to arrange something with ITV (London and/or regions).
Pinewood and Shepperton studios are closed to the public.  You can do
walking tours around London filming locations too - but that might be a bit
touristy for your needs...

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Dear Screen-L:

I'm putting together a proposal for a summer study abroad film program
in London, I am looking for suggestions for good places to "day trip"
the students to, such as BFI, BBC, etc.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Emmett Winn, Auburn University

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