Thousands of students and faculty members have been displaced by 
Hurricane Katrina.  Tulane, the University of New Orleans, and other 
institutions of higher education have been shut down for the foreseeable 

If you are a student or teacher in need of a place to attend college or 
somewhere to conduct your research, there are institutions that want to 
take you in. We will list resources on at

as we become aware of them, but has already begun 
a list:

At the University of Alabama, Screen-L's home, students and researchers 
are being welcomed. For more information, students should contact Dr. 
Jacqueline Morgan, assistant director of admissions, at 205/348-2914, 
205/348-8190 or Jacqueline.Morgan (at) Researchers should 
contact Dr. Keith McDowell, UA vice president for research, at 
keith.mcdowell (at) .

You can help by donating to the Red Cross:

And if your institution is willing to take in hurricane victims, please 
post an information link to

Jeremy Butler

Screen-L is sponsored by the Telecommunication & Film Dept., the
University of Alabama: