You may be familiar with Wikipedia, the grass-roots encyclopedia that 
anyone (yes, /anyone/) may edit.  I was browsing it this morning and 
noticed that it was missing entries for academic film/TV 
organizations--specifically SCMS and UFVA (as well as their journals).  
So I created "stubs" for them. 

Stubs are Wikipedia articles that have just been begun and need more 
information.  I provided a basic skeleton for these articles, but they 
need fleshing out by persons knowledgeable about these organizations 
(and their publications).  If you possess that sort of knowledge, I'd 
encourage you to visit one of the following articles and fill in the blanks.

Remember, anyone may edit a Wikipedia entry, but there are some basic 
guidelines (see below).

Also, there's an article on film journals that really needs to be 
cleaned up.

Comments about the articles may be posted on each of their "discussion" 
or "talk" pages.  Comments for me about these articles may be posted at 
my personal talk page:

Yours in better wikiing,


-- Wikipedia guidelines --

Your changes will be visible immediately.

    * For testing, please use the sandbox.
    * You're encouraged to create, expand, and improve upon articles; 
however, bad edits to articles are watched for and will be quickly removed.
    * Please cite your sources so others can check your work.


    * All contributions to any page on Wikipedia are released under the 
GNU Free Documentation License (see Project:Copyrights for details).
    * If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly and 
redistributed at will, do not submit it.
    * By submitting your work you promise you wrote it yourself, or 
copied it from public domain resources--this does not include most web 

Jeremy Butler

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