Dear colleagues:

Thanks a million to messieurs Kendrick, Doros, and Monaco for 
much illumination on the question I posted (8/5/05), about 
those distributors of classics & art films in various media!  I had 
no idea there was so much fascinating background history behind 
those two simple  names "Turell" and "Criterion," and so many 
important individuals. 

Now I hope some knowledgeable person could refresh my 
porous memory about the third name that I mentioned in 
my post yesterday: KILLIAM (perhaps "Paul" or "Sol Killiam"?).  

What connection did Mr. KILLIAM (the late Killiam?) have with 
those collecting and distributing enterprises, about which 
I've learned so much this week?  Or was he also important, 
but somehow completely separate from the enterprises 
in which the Turells (father & son) were involved?

SPH (Steven P Hill),
Univ. of Illinois.
_ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ _   

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