Dear colleagues:

On 8/4/05 I posted on "SCREEN-L" the huge news release about Image 
Entertainment acquiring Home Vision and the Criterion Collection.   In 
the last half of that huge text, the chief  ("CEO") of Criterion is identified 
as Jonathan Turell.  

Rr-reading that text today, I happened to recall,  from four or five decades 
ago, that same name "Turell," prefaced by a given name like  "Sol" or "Paul."  
I think there may have been a partnership like Turell & Killiam (if memory 
serves), linked with the collecting and distribution of celluloid golden 
oldies from the silent days.  Perhaps it would have been various packages 
or series like "Silents Please" or "Hollywood and the Stars," which were 
telecast in the 1950s and/or 1960s.

And I turn to you colleagues with a small question:  is Criterion's Jonathan 
Turell in 2005 related to that  collector and distributor of oldies, Sol (or 
Paul) Turell, a half-century ago?

Steven P Hill,
University of Illinois. 

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