Dear SCREEN-L members -

(1) I think I've already indicated here that the Alfred Hitchcock 
Scholars/'MacGuffin' website has lately launched its Academic Hitchcock 
page with three exciting contributions from, respectively, Prof. Murray 
Pomerance, Prof. Richard Allen, and Dr Theodore Price.  What I'd now 
welcome are expressions of interest for further contributions to this 
feature.  Pieces should be well-written and Hitchcock-related.

The Index page for the website is:

(2) May I take this opportunity to mention that a long profile by me of 
Alfred Hitchcock and his work has now appeared online in the 'Senses of 
Cinema' Great Directors section.  Prof. Tony Williams calls it 'a 
definitive profile in its own right and worthy of frequent 
consultation'.  My editor was equally kind: 'I think it is an 
enthralling essay: beautifully written, loving in tone ...'

Here's the URL:

Thanks - Ken Mogg (Ed., 'The MacGuffin')

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