Steven P. Hill wrote (re the name BARING in Hitchcock's 1930 film MURDER!) :

>Could the NYT have been the guilty party, or one of the guilty parties, in a continuing 
>misnaming that carries down to our own day?
Steven, I'm not aware of any real problem that way.  Simple haste and 
carelessness may be sufficient explanation for occasional such 
slip-ups.  (Btw, the name of the film IS indeed MURDER! and not MURDER 
as you persist in referring to it!)  Major texts, like Charles Barr's 
'English Hitchcock' (1999), do NOT make those errors.

Actress Norah Baring has 13 film credits to her name on the IMDb, 
including a starring role as the manicurist in Anthony Asquith's A 
COTTAGE ON DARTMOOR (1929 - the IMDb lists it out of sequence, 
unfortunately) which was probably the film that drew Hitchcock's 
attention to her.

I write about MURDER! a little in my profile of Hitchcock for the Great 
Directors series on the 'Senses of Cinema' website, out next month.  [My 
editor finds the piece, which is quite long, 'enthralling ... and 
incredibly informed (not just on Hitch)', so Steven and other 
Hitch-interested readers of SCREEN-L may like to visit it soon!]  And, 
forgive me further, but may I take this opportunity to mention that my 
nightly "Editor's Day" column has finally resumed this week on the News 
& Comment page of the Alfred Hitchcock Scholars/'MacGuffin' website:

- Ken Mogg
(Melbourne, Australia)

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