Steven P. Hill writes:

>What in the name of the Almighty is "Buffy Studies"?  Assuming  that the 
>"Buffy" posting (attached below) is not a belated April Fool's joke, it 
>must be SOME sub-discipline  within popular culture, which an old-timer 
>like yours truly has never heard of...

Oh, thank goodness!  Your posting has gone some way to lifting me out of 
the depression caused by Thursday's general election result.  I thought 
that this list had become so leftie, feminist and politically correct that 
anyone who dared to ask such a question - if only rhetorically - would run 
the risk of being escorted to a cellar and introduced to The Gimp (or 
escorted up a hill and introduced to The Wicker Man - you get the idea).

If your question is anything other than rhetorical I'm afraid I can't 
provide much of an answer (well, not much of a printable one, anyway), but 
in relation to sub-disciplines within popular culture, Alan Sokal & Jean 
Bricmont, 'Intellectual Impostures' (London, Profile Books, 2003), might be 
worth a look.  The opening chapters of Barry Salt, 'Film Style & 
Technology: History and Analysis' (2nd ed., London, Starword, 1992), most 
certainly are.

Best wishes

Leo Enticknap
Curator, Northern Region Film & Television Archive
Middlesbrough, UK 

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