You may have him on your list already but if not, search for filmmaker
ROSS McELWEE.  Recent standard-bearer of that genre.
Jonathan A. Cullum
Auburn University
"Nostalgia isn't what it used to be"
--Sam Phillips

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Dear All -
I am compiling a list of personal documentaries or any other films or
videos of an
autobiographical nature - from the most superficial/ banal to the most
confessional. Any genre, from (self) promotional/ corporate through to
"experimental". If you are able to supply a short synopsis and/ or
provide any details
re distributors or accessibility through libraries etc. I would be most
Also - any journals which may have devoted issues to this type of film
and /or
curated seasons, festivals.
With thanks,
Harry Kirchner
Cinema Studies Program
La Trobe University

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