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Here below is an excerpt from today's New York Times about our DVD release of 
Maurice Elvey's HINDLE WAKES. It's a wonderful film that has been completely 
lost to history, but if the story was good enough for Emma Goldman (she loved 
the play), it's good enough for us. You can find the complete text at or by going to our 
website at which has more information 
as well. The DVD is available now through the usual sources, or directly from 

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The New York Times
April 12, 2005
New DVD's

'Hindle Wakes'

The selfless idealists at Milestone Film and Video have followed up their DVD 
release of E. A. Dupont's dazzling 1929 British silent "Picadilly" with 
another important English title recently restored by the British Film Institute: 
Maurice Elvey's 1927 "Hindle Wakes," a working-class melodrama set in the 
Lancashire mill town of Hindle during the annual break (the wakes of the title)...

"Hindle Wakes" anticipates such American-made "little people" dramas as Paul 
Fejos's "Lonesome" and King Vidor's "Crowd" (both 1928) with its visualization 
of working-class lives divided into weekday regimentation and weekend 
release. Where the protagonists of the American films head to Coney Island, the 
English visit Blackpool, filmed by Elvey in an extended, documentary aside as an 
epic swirl of humanity...The shiningly restored print on the Milestone disc is 
accompanied by a choice of two scores, a contemporary, percussive 
interpretation by the group In the Nursery and a traditional piano score by Philip Carli. 
$29.99. Not rated.

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