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> Subject: Hi, question regarding film parody
> Hi All,
>       I'm a first year college student taking a cinema class. I'm trying
> to write a paper about film parody but am having trouble finding useful
> information specifically related to film. My professor recommended this
> LinkServ and I'm asking you if you have any information that might be
> useful, please send it directly to me at [log in to unmask] as I am
> not part of the group.
> Thanks very much,
> Kim
> P.S. I'm particularly interested in the question if parody can stand on
> its own as a film genre. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Dear Kim --

It's best to do at least a tiny bit of research before you post a question
to a list. If you do a Google search with the words "film parody" in quotes
the first hit you get is, in fact, Dan Harries' very fine book, Film Parody
(BFI, 2000). It engages directly with questions about parody and genre.

Best --

Peter Lunenfeld

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