There has been a lot of hubbub over that "In Memoriam" segment, which really was botched this year.  Ruth Warrick, who was in Citizen Kane, was also left out.  And shouldn't Marlon Brando have rated a separate tribute, as Katharine Hepburn and Gregory Peck did last year?  Or did the Academy not wish to be reminded of Sasheen Littlefeather?  

Dennis Bingham

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	In the In Memoriam section, I noticed that while Ossie Davies, who
died on 2/4/2005, was listed, Simone Simon (d. 2/22/05) and Sandra Dee
(d. 2/20/05) were missing.
	Was the department of factual verification sluggish, or something?

	Gloria Monti

gloria monti, ph.d.
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