I know that some of you use my article on the production, reception, and
protest of _Blockade_ (an important early attempt by the classical
Hollywood studio system to depict an ongoing war: the Spanish Civil War)
in coursepacks.  I wanted to alert you that I've just put online a
resource that may help those of you who teach about film reception:  a
75 page scrapbook by an Elkhart, IN theater owner documenting the local
premier of _Blockade_.

The scanned images from the scrapbook present a remarkably thorough case
study of film reception and ballyhoo in the 1930s.  Included are lobby
cards, newspaper and roadside advertisements, specially printed printed
restaurant napkins and shopping bags, audience response cards, lunch
counter displays, and more. I'm attaching a sample image to this mail.  

Thanks for my colleague Kathy Fuller-Seeley (rural film exhibition and
Ebay hunter extraordinaire) for acquiring the scrapbook (which was
literally saved from a dumpster), and to Jae Ryu for digitizing the

The _Blockade_ material is available at my website
(http://www.gsu.edu/~jougms).  If you want to head straight for the text
of the _Blockade_ article, that's at
http://www.gsu.edu/~jougms/Blockade.htm     To go straight to the
scrapbook images, go to http://www.gsu.edu/~jougms/blocimg.htm

Also, I've received a lot of nice comments about the Tips for Graduate
Writing page and the Guide to Library Research on Moving Images page
that we put up about a month ago on the Moving Image Studies website. 
If you haven't checked those out, you can do so by visiting our program
website (http://communication/gsu.edu/movingimagestudies/intro.html and
clicking on "Links".

Greg Smith

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