This is sad news indeed, and I absolutely second the praise for Mr.
Mitchell's devotion to cinema. Last year, when I ordered a few tapes from
Darker Image in preparation for a course on anti-communist propaganda in
film noir, Mitchell not only filled out my tapes with hours of carefully
hand-picked supplementary material but also packed the box with photocopies
of relevant material from his own writings. One wonders how many others he
has helped with his research and generosity. 

Robert Keser
Fine Arts Department: Film
National-Louis University

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Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 17:38:25 -0600
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Subject: [SCREEN-L] death of a film historian & collector

It is a sad thing to report that Charles P. ("Charlie") Mitchell of Medway,
passed away suddenly on Jan. 25, 2005. 

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