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Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media has a new issue online: No. 47.

Essays on feature fictions include discussions of the martial arts in 
KILL BILL by a professional fight director, Clint  Eastwood's 
environmental politics, a South African version of PICKUP ON SOUTH 
STREET, Bengali filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak, and Gibson's THE PASSION OF 

There is also a special section on documentary theory, new 
and "contemporary events" fictions. Essays include:
--a pathbreaking new monograph on conceptualizing AIDS,
--reflections from practice by a photographer and filmmaker on how to 
images to capture spontaneous occurrences,
--a study of heartland misjustice in the prosecution of working class, 
youth in two PARADISE LOST films,
--a philosopher's look at human frailty and the "institutions of 
killing" in
Errol Morris' MR. DEATH and THE FOG OF WAR,
--an analysis of ELEPHANT and why Gus Van Sant chose to depict high 
shootings in a lyrical fiction,
--a look at how docudramas deal with ethical issues in the TV Movie of 
the Week,
--a critical look at FAHRENHEIT 9/11.
--Internet links for analyzing the photos from Abu Ghraib.

Check it out at:

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