Dear Su,

It might be an idea to contact Sue Harper at the University of Portsmouth.  
I am sure you know about her recent co-authored book, British Cinema of the 
1950s: The Decline of Deference (OUP, 2003), but she may also be able to 
suggest ways of getting hold of the films you want.  She is very generous 
with her time and very helpful - I'm sure she won't mind if you drop her an 
email (I don't think she accesses ScreenL at present).

By the way, how are you.  I noticed you and Pete had gone to Canterbury 
recently and also that you and Deborah et al. are down for a panel at SCMS 
this year - will see you there, as I'm also doing a paper.  Be great to 
catch up.

wishing you all the best,

Chrisitne Cornea

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>Subject: [SCREEN-L] 1950s British films about Television
>Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 18:24:55 +0000
>Dear all
>I am trying to track down copies of British films of the 1950s which are in
>some way about television. These seem less readily available than similar 
>films from this period. (This is not just a case of needing to view, as I 
>after copies for teaching purposes). Films referred to in existing sources
>(Stokes, 1999, Barr, 1986) include titles such as:
>The Body Said No (1951, Val Guest)
>Meet Mr. Lucifer (1953, Anthony Pelissier)
>Simon and Laura (1956, Muriel Box)
>Make Mine a Million (1959, Lance Comfort).
>Meet Mr. Lucifer would be particularly useful.
>If anyone knows of a possible route to getting hold of any of these, I 
>appreciate it!
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