Press Release:  01.20.05
(Greetings From Planet Telluride)

Dear Independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters,

We are pleased to announce our FIRST "Call For Entries" into 
Telluride IndieFest 2005!

The dates for our Year 2005 event are:  August 31 - September 4

As well, we have secured *another* venue (The Wyndam Peaks Resort) - 
which will allow our 'selected artists' to receive an *additional* 

---------- To enter, please go to:

and click on "Year 2005 Entry Forms".

DEADLINE for the (discounted) FIRST "Call For Entries":

January 31, 2005

---------- Important Notes:

1) Enter *early* and save $10.00 on your entry fee,

2) Pay with a credit card, and take an *additional* $5.00 off your entry fee,

3) We are (again) *limiting* entries to 1000 (total of all films, 
videos, and screenplays).

---------- "Dual-Festival" Entry Special EXTENDED:

Yes, it is very-popular (and 'practical') - so, we have *extended* 
our Dual-Festival Entry Special to:

January 31, 2005

"One entry, into *both* festivals (Telluride and Key West) - for one 
*low* entry fee."

Just click on the "Dual-Festival" button (on either festival's web site).


We look forward to receiving and previewing your entries - and hope 
this message finds you well!

Film and Write On,

Michael Carr
Director:  Telluride and Key West IndieFests
Executive Producer:  Queso Productions

Showcasing the best *independent* films and screenplays in the world 
- high in the mountains, and by the sea!

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