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>looking for a study of biblical epics from silents to sounds    thanks in
>advance  hr greenberg md endit

The quality found in these is variable and it is an interesting thing 
that there appears to be so little work out there on the history of 
this genre.  Though I'm not sure if the spate of responses to Mel 
Gibson's Passion has led to any more work looking back at the 
development of what, in terms of budgets, production values and box 
office, has been an important filmic tradition particularly in 
America.   I'd be interested to hear of any more material that's out 

Babington, Bruce and Peter William Evans (1993) Biblical Epics: 
Sacred Narrative in the Hollywood Cinema, Manchester: Manchester 
University Press.

Campbell, Richard H. and Michael R. Pitts (1981) The Bible on Film: A 
Checklist 1897-1980, Metuchen NJ and London: The Scarecrow  Press.

Forshey, Gerald E. (1992) American Religious and Biblical 
Spectaculars,	Westport, Conn.: Praeger.

Kinnard, Roy and Tim Davis (1994) Divine Images: A History of Jesus 
on the Screen, New York: Citadel Press.

Telford, William R. (1997) 'Jesus Christ Movie Star: The Depiction of 
jesus in the Cinema' in Clive Marsh, and Gaye Ortiz (eds) (1997) 
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See also

Maltby, Richard (1990) 'The King of Kings and the Czar of all the 
Rushes: the Propriety of the Christ Story', in Screen, 31, 2, 188-213.

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