Hi all,

Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that the latest issue of Flow: A
critical forum on television and media culture came out on Friday, January
This issue features columns by Mary Beth Haralovich, Heather Hendershot,
Kellner and Rhonda Hammer, Tom Streeter, and Mimi White along with a guest
column by Janet Staiger.

We are also featuring a one-time column by Michela Ardizzoni.

In our next issue (January 21), we will be publishing an interview with
Reich, one of the writers for The Daily Show. Questions for this interview
be compiled based on your submissions, so please post anything you'd like to
have Mr. Reich answer regarding the Daily Show, television comedy writing,
election coverage, or anything else. The interview will take place on
14 and we will be accepting questions until January 13.

Please feel free to visit the journal at http://www.flowtv.org to read these
columns and contribute responses to them.


Avi Santo & Christopher Lucas
Coordinating Editors

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