I few weeks ago I tried to watch the former rental tape I bought of _The Quiet Earth_ and found that it turns blue and starts to rewind 15 minutes from the end of the film.  There is plenty of space left on the tape that won't fast forward.  I tried to open the casette up, but, while most of the screws were Phillips head, the one in the center has a Y-shaped hole in the head, and nothing I had would work in it without damaging the screw.  I went to Lowe's to seek out such a screwdriver, but I couldn't find one, and there didn't seem to be anyone working the tool department today.  Does anyone have any experience with these?

It might seem like a lot of fuss, but it's only out on DVD in region 2 PAL, so I'd have to buy it, and I'm at the end of my loans for a while.  I don't like PAL because it's flickery, either, at least on an NTSC TV.  That, and I don't want to buy it only to find out the ending sucks.


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