The Ray and Pat Browne book award winner for last year was _Hollywood's  
White House: The American Presidency in Film and Television_, Eds. Peter C.  
Rollins and John E. O'Connor (UP of Kentucky, 2004; ISBN Paper  0-8131-9126-2). 
This collection of essays, surveying the presidency in film from  Washington 
to Bill Clinton, was the offspring of the Film & History  conference on the 
topic held in Y2000.  The volume concludes with an elaborate and useful 
filmography by John  Shelton Lawrence, a popular culture stalwart. 
Details are at the following web address: 
I used the hardback copy for a class during the fall of 2004 and students  
really seemed to use the book because they understood the language and  
appreciated the film and history approach—devoid of jargon. 
By the way, this is not an ad.  Nobody makes money from these efforts; on the 
other hand, we get to share  our research with  colleagues  and, 
more importantly, with future  citizens in classrooms across the land.  After 
2004, we know that media  perceptions of the president are central to any 
general election choices to be  made; students deserve some exposure to the media 
Peter Rollins 
Film & History  _www.filmandhistory.org_ (  
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