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Explores the complex relationship between food and African American history.

BLACK HUNGER: Soul Food and America
Doris Witt
University of Minnesota Press | 304 pages | 2004
ISBN 0-8166-4551-5 | paperback | $18.95

Black Hunger focuses on debates over soul food since the 1960s to illuminate
a complex web of political, economic, religious, sexual, and racial tensions
between whites and blacks and within the black community itself. Doris Witt
draws on vaudeville, literature, film, visual art, and cookbooks to explore
how food has been used both to perpetuate and to challenge racial

³A fascinating look at foodıs role in African-American culture.² ‹Chicago

³A well-researched and insightful discussion of the creation of mythology
about black women and food.² ‹Womenıs Review of Books

For more information, visit the book's webpage:

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