To the Editor of SCREEN-L.  Please hold the earlier submission of this
title and replace with the following (slightly re-worded).  Thanks - Ken M

SCREEN-L readers may like to note that my 'Report' on Patrick
McGilligan's 'Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light' has been
posted on the Web:

Also, my 'column' called "Editor's Day" has returned for a few weeks on
the News & Comment (Home) page of the Hitchcock Scholars/'MacGuffin' site:

If I can obtain quality work, the same site will next year include
selected academic writing on Hitchcock.  However, because McGilligan (p.
749) calls most academic analysis of texts 'lunacy', I will not permit
stylistic indulgence, or a low ratio of hard content to mere opinion
(especially where inadequately supported by evidence!), or the slightest
lack of clarity.  Active verbs will be especially encouraged.  Any
takers?!  (Material is already promised by  Professor Richard Allen and

- Ken Mogg (Ed., 'The MacGuffin')

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