PCFE Film School in Prague, Czech Republic, is expanding it programs
starting Summer 2005. Teaching positions for screenwriting, directing,
editing and cinematography are opening up for year and two-year
contracts from June 2005. Qualified candidates interested in working in
one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals and joining an internationally
renowned faculty are encouraged to send a letter of introduction and CV
to [log in to unmask]

PCFE Film School provides hands-on instruction in the fundamentals of
filmmaking. Offering one and two-year studies, programs focus on the
core areas of screenwriting, directing, editing and cinematography.
Documentary film, film history and theory, sound design, production
management are also treated.

Based in Prague, the school has at its disposal some of the greatest
film talent in the industry. Oscar and Cannes award-winning local
directors along with celebrated international filmmakers and professors
combine to make PCFE Film School one of the strongest film programs in


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