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 International Conference on European Cinema  2004


Participants : 

R.Odin, M.Lagny, F.Kessler, I.Christie, A. Van den Oever, E. Poppe, E De Kuyper, P.Feenstra, D.Ostrowska, B. Van den Heusden,...


Program Day 1 - Symposium

Wednesday the 3rd of November 2004 – Film Theatre Images, Poelestraat 30

  9.30   h            Reception with coffee

 10.00 h            Welcome

 Word of welcome by Prof. Dr. Martin Gosman, director, Research school in the humanities OGWG 

 Word of welcome by dr. Annie van den Oever

 10.15 h            Opening of the meetings by Philippe Hardy, Chair

 Director of the Institut Français des Pays-Bas

 10.25 h            The pragmatic turn in Film Studies 

 Prof. dr. Roger Odin, em. prof. at Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle. 

 11.15 h            Interview with prof. Odin

 Annie van den Oever, University of Groningen 

 11.30 h            Discussion

 11.45 h            Lunch

 12.15 h            Screening of La captive, 2000

 Based on La Prisonnière by Marcel Proust (1871-1922), one of the novels of his lifework A la recherche du temps perdu.

 Scenario by Eric de Kuyper, direction by Chantal Akerman

 13.15 h            Opening afternoon session by Thomas Michelon, Chair

 Attaché culturel à l ‘Ambassade de France

 13.20 h            Between a rock and a hard place

Prof. dr. Ian Christie, Birkbeck College of London

Between a rock and a hard place: reflections on doing film history 
after theory. From structuralism and ahistorical spectatorship to the 
current ultra-empericism in the study of (early) cinema.

 Referent: Prof. dr Frank Kessler, University of Utrecht

 14.00 h            The historian and the film

 Prof. dr. Michèle Lagny, Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle

"The historian and the film: Theoretical problems posed by the use of film by historians. How films contribute to historical knowledge.”

    Referent: Dr. Susan Aasman, University of Groningen

 14.45 h            Break

 15.15 h –         Conference

16.15 h            

Eric de Kuyper on writing and making La Captive

″Remembering and Forgetting Proust. Adaptations for the screen and the 

theatre of A la Recherche...  ″

16.30 h            Closing

Transference ceremony film collection donated by Stichting Vrienden van het Filmarchief, Nijmegen 

A word of gratitude by Prof. dr. Liesbeth Korthals-Altes on behalf of RTC and KCM

22.00 h            Opening of the French film festival Ciné Premières

Screening of Comme une image by Agnès Jaoui






Appropriation of concepts in Film Theory and Film Studies



(transatlantic) Appropriations of concepts from the fields of literature & linguistics to the fields of film studies and cultural studies 



Grote Vergaderzaal, Oude Boteringestraat, University of Groningen



4th of November




9.15h: Coffee and registration


9.30h: Word of welcome 

Annie van den Oever: Presentation of the outline of the project and of the day

Every session will provide time for both presenting papers (of about 20 minutes) and a discussion by all participants (of about ten minutes).


10.00h – 12.30h: First session - Chair: Roger Odin 

Ian Christie:                             A reflection on the 70’s debate in the UK over Russian 

Formalism / Brechtianism and ‘distanciation’

Annie van den Oever:                The historical appropriation of Russian Formalist’s theoretical concepts within the context of Anglo-American New Criticism

Frank Kessler:              Ostranenie and beyond: Ramifications of a concept 

Barend van Heusden:    Pregnance (‘Prägnanz’) 


12.30h: Lunch


13.30-15.30h: Second session – Chair: Michèle Lagny 

Emile Poppe:                            Film semiotics: our heritage 

Dorota Ostrowska:                   Narrative in literature and cinema: Is structuralist film 

                       criticism just a version of literary criticism? 

Jan Simons:                              The reality game 

Pietsie Feenstra:                       Reflections on European Film Theory: Almodóvar's Bodies 

15.30-16.00h: Tea Break

16.00-17.00h: Session three: closing discussion 

The closing debate will provide an opportunity for all to evaluate the day, and arrangements for publication and next year’s workshop will be made. For a first draft of this three year project, see below. 


17.00-18.00h: Drinks




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