Dear Film Scholars,

    The Film & History conference entitled "War in  Film, TV, and History" is
taking shape; a rough of the program is now on the Film & History web  site.

    _www.filmandhistory.org_ (

Small changes of detail will be made during the next week.

Check it out.  There are nearly 400 presentations planned along with  special
screenings and a luncheon with Adrian Cronauer of _Good Morning,  Vietnam_
fame.  Special presentations by Lawrence Suid, Frank Thompson,  Jeannine
and a plenary session on Michael Moore are all on the program.

We are near the DFW airport and easy to reach via a complimentary shuttle
any airline arrival area.  Please consider attending for enrichment
purposes;  meetings
like this provide great opportunities to immerse yourself in a subject--and
to go on to avenues of  teaching and research.  Way back in 1970, I  had such
an experience and it changed my life as a scholar.  Here's   your chance.

Be there!

Peter Rollins
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_www.filmandhistory.org_ (

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