Loathe as I am to wade into this discussion...
I live and work in London and am a user of public
transport.  Hopefully this means that you might recognise
my viewpoint.

Anyway- It makes for an embarrassingly hideous spectacle
to view an ad-hominem attack on Ken Loach and any person
who dares appreciate his work as a director.

Leo Said:
>I recognise those images for what they are -
>fiction, pure and simple.

I am unsure if your 'pure and simple' approach is one that
will set the academic world on fire. For most of the
students and academics I know, there is much enjoyment and
satisfaction to be had in analysing images- reading and
decoding their ideologies, and investigating their social
and historic contexts in order to understand the medium
better. Many would find the suggestion that we *believe*
what we see quite insulting.

Leo Said:
> Loach, I suspect, would have
> us travelling around in a horse and cart if it
> fitted his vision of a Pol
> Pot-style socialist utopia.

I hope you aren't nearly as attached and subjective in all
of your own writing.

Also- I hope you appreciate the irony in labeling Loach's
work 'propaganda', having noted the film 'I Married a
Communist' in your initial selection of union-featuring

Nick Dale

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