Good morning List,

I am designing a course titled "ITA 399 Italian Film: Culture and
Society."  My focus will be on films made after WWII to the present,
and I am looking at selecting appropriate textbooks. The class will be
taught in English as part of the Italian program at Portland State
My dilemma concerns the choice of books: should I select a book on
Italian films (such as Bondanella's) and pair it with a more general
overview of Italian politics and society (I am thinking at Paul
Ginsborg survey of Italian contemporary history) or should I go for a
film studies textbook to accompany Bondanella's? PSU just recently
established a film minor and I am sure some of the students who will
enroll in the course will have limited, if none, knowledge of film
Any suggestions on the matter will be very welcome.
Thank you,

Benedetta Gennaro
Portland State University

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