Don't know if this helps but this extract is from Just Revenge by Alan M.
Dershowitz (1999, I think) published by Warner Books

I love the seventies."

"You were an infant in the seventies. What do you know about them?"

"Mom used to talk about them. She said the sixties really happened in the
seventies. Then it all ended in the eighties."

Emma averted her face, trying to hide her tears. Her mother, Hannah, had
died in an automobile accident in 1987, and nothing had ever been the same



> To whom it may concern:
>>I am currently on sabbatical and working on a book chapter looking at
>> films
>>of the 60s through to the 70s.  Back in the days - prior to taking up
>>academia - I seem to recall reading or hearing somewhere a quote that
>> went
>>something like...'the 60s really happened in the 70s'.  Is this simply a
>>media sound bite or does anyone know a a source for this quote, or one
>> that
>>sounds like it might be what I remember?  This quotation was not
>>connected to film as such, but if I could find out where it comes from it
>>will help with the strand of a background argument.
>>I thank you for your time,
>>Yours truly,
>>Dr Christine Cornea
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